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Opf3: The ORM Framework for .NET 2.0

An fully extensible and flexible object relational mapper framework for .NET 2.0. Ships with build-in support for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Office Access, VistaDB, PostgreSQL, PervasiveSQL and many more.
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OPF.NET is a simple open source ORM framework for .NET 1.0 and 1.1. It ships with support for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and Microsoft Office Access. The framework is licensed under the GPL and only intended for non-commercial use!
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Compact Web Server: The mobile web server

Compact Web Server is a web server for mobile devices. It works on all devices that are running Windows CE 5.0 or above (for example: Windows Mobile 5.0). The tool allows to share static web sites (for example .html, .htm) or dynamic web sites (.aspc: Active Server Pages Compact).